"We Are the Embodiment of Light Expressing through Our Shared Humanity."”

"We are all one" is just one of the many messages that continue to flow through all the communications that Carol  receives from higher realm beings and through the wisdom that emanates from direct knowing.  

Since 2003, she has been sharing the joy of this deeper  awareness with others. She mentors and guides individuals and groups in their quest to develop their intuitive knowing, and make higher vibrational life-choices. Workshops, Sacred Circles and Retreats reinforce the learning.   

In mid-2009 Carol received a clarion call to work with the Star Elders, to build a new earth matrix of Oneness in the form of Global Light Centers. She is  joined in this energetically focused work by a Council. Together, they are guided to various regions and countries to open portals and star gates while also anchoring Light codes into the earth for creating a higher frequency imprinting and for growing community.

Carol is the author of two books, Fear Not My Child, I am Here and A Call to Remember: Follow Your Heart, Change the World. She is also one of 12 contributing authors of Living Our Soul Map: Unleashing the Warrior Goddess Within. She has been writing a monthly newsletter, Light Streamings, since 2003. 

The two organizations she founded to support the work of the Centers:

Sustainable Oneness Spiritual Alliance (SOSA), a Faith-based 508(C)1a organization , and Global Centers for Planetary Awakening, a 501(C)3 educational and charitable auxiliary to SOSA.