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2021 Upliftment Circle: First Wednesdays


Master Mind for the Soul

2021 Upliftment Cirle: Third Tuesdays


Master Mind for the Soul

New Mexico Foundation Building & the Healing Waters Experience

Eagle Nest New Mexico, Eagle Nest New Mexico

Mexico is for resetting the energy of the planet. It's for walking in grace. recognizing the beauty and harmony of life on the beautiful blue planet.
Set in the mountains for New Mexico, you will receive the blessings of the Father Mother God that you are. Remembering who you are is essential to stepping back and away from divisional thinking and doing. Remember who and what you are. Remembering the love is the stronger current.

This week long experience in the Eagle Nest New Mexico area is to build upon and strengthen the energetic foundation of what has been created and nurtured over multiple visits to this area, since our first activation in 2013. This will be a relaxed week with morning meditations, sacred circles, local hikes, and walks on the land.

In addition Randy Hatton, Eagle Nest resident and inventor of Vibrant Vital Water, will welcome us into his water Vortex Temple over Friday and Saturday (greens from his garden will be served as a fresh salad for our lunch each day while there).

If this is yours to do, we'd love to see you there.

WHAT'S INCLUDED: Lodging for 6 nights / 7 days lodging in one of two houses. House #1 is a 4 BR home with 3 queens and one King. It sleeps 6. House #2 sleeps 4 (2 singles and one double), hosted by New Mexico resident Cher Hanssen. Light breakfasts and lunch with potluck styled evening meals or you may choose dinner on your own in either Angel Fire or Taos.

See Event listing for Details and Choices

2021 Upliftment Circle: First Wednesdays


Master Mind for the Soul


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Lovell Wyoming, Medicine Wheel National Monument, Lovell Wyoming, Big Horn National Park

We have seen the Medicine Wheel in our visioning sessions and Council check-in calls as we have been deeply listening to what is ours to do. This activation will occur on September 1 - 4, 2021, and is the second of three legs of a journey. First the foundation building that occurs in New Mexico, then we converge just outside the Little Big Horn National Park in Lovell Wyoming to walk the 9,000+ feet up to the top of the mountain where, what is estimated to be a 12, 000 year old Medicine Wheel. We will first ask permission of the Star and Indigenous Elders before we do this work.

If this yours to do, we will meet in Lovell where will stay in a 4-bedroom house in the heart of the town. If you choose to stay in a nearby hotel, you are welcome to stop by the house where we will drop into the field and calibrate before taking the drive to the Medicine Wheel.

We will arrive on September 1, and on the morning of September 2nd, make our way up to the Medicine Wheel. The next day, we will decide to stay and integrate or stay through Saturday morning before continuing our journey North.

If this is your's to do, you understand this energy signature of the Core, and have been on at least two previous activations. If you are in need of lodging, the fee includes 2-nights loading with shared meals fixed together at the house.

Lodging: Shared space in 4-bedroom house in Lovell, WY. Breakfast provided. Any community meals are shared and prepared potluck style.

See event for details

Joy is the Vibrational Imprint of the Soul

Join me in Sacred Circle, in Retreat or Joyously reveling in Community

Everything I am called to do is for anchoring more light and more joyousness into this world as an embodiment of Light. The more we stay truth to Self and honor all expressions as divine, we transcend the physical limitations of the five senses. Then, and only then are we liberated.