We are divine beings of light expressing through acts of kindness, compassion and selflessness”


Transformational Practices Experienced in Community for the Amplification of the Zero-point Field  


I'm so happy that you have made it here. All the offerings you see on this website have evolved from inner guidance. This is a sacred work and I feel incredibly honored to be of service. Trust and openness are the keys to allowing the heart of who we are to feel safe enough to begin to open. Therefore all services and events hold this knowing of oneness as the goal. No matter the context, my concern is your sense of acceptance.  All aspects of the work are focused on the goal of self empowerment and self actualization of your higher path in honor of soul's desire to freely, spontaneously express joy. 

Spiritual Activism / Modeling Oneness

My role as a channel, mentor and guide is for activating soul-level awareness through the experience of oneness consciousness. The energetic components of all sessions include the practice of entrainment as an effective way to transform individual, group and global consciousness into a more peaceful coalescence. Entrainment is the act of aligning with and amplifying a zero point field with deep compassion and acceptance. This singular focus helps to break fear-base pattern and realigns one's orientation to inner peace. The core delivery for this work is taught in the context of intimate circle groups and retreats. The community experience serve as the support and catalyst for strengthening and expanding the awareness of oneness  in peer led experiential circles.  These community-based circles, which provide a sense of safety, security and acceptance.  


  • Deepen trust 
  • Open the heart 
  • Allow for Compassion 
  • Heal the body 
  • Transform the emotions 
  • Provide practical tools 
  • Sharpen Intuition 
  • Flow more love into your life 
  • Support spiritual growth 
  • Shift global consciousness 
  • Build sustainable oneness in community 
  • Leverage global resources