Course Offerings

Knowledge is of the Mind. Wisdom emanates from Life Experience and an Expression of Soul-level Awareness. ”


Guided, Mentored and Skill-based Learning

Carol's offerings are guided and mentored experiences that have come through the guided sessions, writings, life experience, and what has been learned through direct knowing in community. Carol's offers year-long mentored sacred circles and a varied of hands-on and self-paced skill-based courses.  

Each of the Courses will help you to gain practical life-skills that will enhance your ability to stay focused and centered even in the most challenging of life circumstances.

You will:

Practice what it means to “hold your center.” to know who you are, no matter who or what is pushing or pulling at you. 

Discover your true purpose and freely embrace your passion. You will discover your soul family and what it means to love opening and freely without fear. 

Experience a vibrational support system, a way of shifting any imbalance within you, and how to hold sacred space for another. 

Revel in joy with others around the world in communities of light who are consciously awakening to a new way being, doing and living in oneness. 

Sacred Circle Facilitator Training 

Are you passionate about helping others and growing in oneness in community. If so, consider becoming a Sacred Circle Facilitator and join the Global Light Center team that works together as one to shift global consciousness, one heart to heart connection at a time. This experiential training models how to hold sacred space for others to experience oneness.  

Learn more: 

Attend an Event, Retreat or Visioning Circle. Check back to Events for future training announcements.